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Originally appeared in The New Indian Express dated September 26, 2009.
Bharat Gopy, Director, Njattadi (1979)

Bharat Gopy, Director, Njattadi (1979)

What will be the result if a talented actor decides to direct a movie and a talented director chooses to act in it? That too, if that project marks the beginning of a splendid career for both of them.

The film ‘Njattadi’, produced by a bunch of creamy talents 30 years ago, was the result of such an experiment. Though not released, the film marked the turning point in the lives of many, including Bharat Gopi and Bharat Murali.

On Thursday, the Koothambalam at Vyloppilli Samskrithi Bhavan here witnessed a rare get-together of the crew of this film. But, it was the absence that was felt more deeply. Murali was not there, Bharat Gopi was not there. Dr K.N. Sreenivasan, R.M. Korapathu and Kayarattu Ponnu Amma were also absent.

The rest of the crew had assembled to pay their tributes to these legends. A documentary of 20-minute duration that tells the story of the making of ‘Njattadi’ and its storyline was exhibited on the sidelines.

The stills of the film are the only existing remains of that dream project. Sadly, the print of the film had gone missing sometime back. There hadn’t been any existing literature on the film as well.

‘Njattadi’ was the result of hard work by a group of youngsters who believed films could change society. K.N. Sreenivasan, Bharat Gopi, P.N. Vishwanathan, T.K. Kochu Narayanan, Bharat Murali etc. had taken on the mantle of producer, director, scriptwriter and actor. Many of them had to play more than one role. Kochu Narayanan was the scriptwriter and producer.

Sreenivasan was the producer and one of the actors. The film is based on the life of the protagonist Unni, who is moved by Naxal ideas. There are a couple of catchy songs in the movie. The poems ‘Ormakalil oru ashareeri’ by Pazhavila Ramesan and ‘Kurathi’ by Kadammanitta Ramakrishnan are used as songs in the movie.

‘Njattadi Smaranakal,’ a book about the experiences of the ‘Njattadi’ crew, was released by film director Vijayakrishnan by handing over a copy to cameraman Vipin Mohan during the function.

“This is a get-together by the crew of a film which was made 30 years ago. I have participated in the 100th day celebrations of some films. But, now, I’m more happier than that and proud of being a part of such a great film,’’ said Vipin Mohan. He also said he was a little more happier than others because he had found his lifemate Girija during the work of this film. Girija had played the role of Unni’s lover in the film.

Prof Aliyar, Bharat Gopi’s son and actor V.G. Muralikrishnan, M.K. Gopalakrishnan, Paul Thachil, Girija and Beena were also present.

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