An online content-rich initiative of this nature and architecture, would not have been possible, if not for the unconditional help from helping hands who invested their time, effort and content sources, making this a part of their own.

Powering ahead with the prime objective of making this online presence the last word on “all things Bharat Gopy”, a warm note of thanks is due to each one of them, for their continued support and sustained efforts in this project.


Remitha Satheesh

Remitha-SatheeshColumnist with Yentha, currently living in the USA, Remitha started watching serious movies rather late in life. Music entered her world long before that. But words are her first love, with which she experiments in her blog.

Thank you for your chops, hacks, tweaks and edits.


Devi Pillai

Devi-PillaiPoet, Lyricist, Singer and prolific wordsmith, she has been at the forefront of some of the pioneering online communities based on Malayalam films. A storehouse of Malayalam film history, she has also ghost-written lyrics for popular Malayalam music album releases.

Thank you for the blazingly fast Malayalam translations and media assets.


Jay Mohan

Jay-MohanCurrently based in the Middle East, avid Malayalam film archivist and arguably the biggest Prem Nazir fan on any side of Periyar for that matter, he is also a stickler for “the numbers and facts” in primarily Malayalam film history.

Thank you for the factoid breakdowns and cross references.


Dr.Susie Pazhavarical

Doctor Susie-PazhavaricalHer phenomenal knowledge of Malayalam film playback history, coupled with he willingness to share knowledge using the best of technology makes her an invaluable asset for any online initiative centered around films and music. She is currently based out of Sydney, Australia.

Thank you for the editorial assistance and translations.


Jayashree Thotekat

Jayashree-Thottekkat Author and Poet, popularly known by her online moniker “Bhumiputri”, she has also been a founding member of some of the most popular communities that discuss and debate Malayalam films and music through the years.

Thank you for the translations and editorial assistance.



GayathriResearch fellow and Malayalam movies maniac, she equally divides her time between her serious academic pursuits, keeping abreast of the latest trends and tracks career curves of acting talent and her favorite movie releases.

Thank you for the translations and the amazing capability to track down rare media assets.


Media Assets.

Viju Pandarathil

Viju-PandarathilCurrently in the Middle East, Viju secretly nurses the dream of running the biggest video library on Indian movies at some point, in this lifetime.A die-hard MS Baburaj fan, he is a popular name in almost every single online community based on Malayalam films on the planet.

Thank you for the media assets, sourcing and powering it for the video channel.



Gopalakrishnan-Navjeevan-.A familiar and popular name with Malayalam film archivists, his subject knowledge and willingness to share along with his archives in media and print makes him an invaluable ally for collaborations on literary and movie projects.

Thank you for the all the media assets shared, for this project.


Database Collaborators.


Malayalachalachithram-Movie-Co-op-Logo is an internet cooperative that provides comprehensive information about Malayalam Movies, Songs and Movie Artists of all Movies till date, and powers the database in the Filmography section of

Thank you Rajagopal, for enabling this effectively.


Biscoot Malayalam

Biscoot-MalayalamBiscoot Malayalam is the regional arm of Biscoot, from Shot Formats, which streams movies on demand and also maintains full offerings of a vast portfolio across languages of legally-acquired movies in ad-enabled formats for viewing.

Thank you for your gracious consent of usage of digital legacy media owned by Biscoot Malayalam.




Text and Images.

We have tried our level best in accrediting actual, available, original sources of photographs and scanned images that have been used under relevant posts here, as those from the private collections or from the Family Archives. those which I haven’t yet tracked down their respective, original sources to be credited. The screenshots from the movies are used under the “Fair Usage” clause for sharing information, and the rest are under the Creative Commons License.

The Video Content.

The short video clippings powered from the Bharat Gopy Video Channel, shared across the posts and filmography pages in this website are with consent of Biscoot Malayalam who hold legal and valid rights to the movie assets of Bharat Gopy. The song videos have been shared from popular video-sharing sites, made available by the respective uploaders at their own risk of being infringing on copyright.

We deeply respect any claim of copyright violations if found at the site and will abide by the existing rules for corrective action.Please do let us know and we will have them removed if found violating copyrights.

This is still a work in progress and always welcome your inputs and suggestions.

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