Njattadi (1979) | A cinematic metaphor

Bharat Gopy at the sets of Njattadi

Paradoxically, the film was screened only twice and its print is still untraceable. For a film like that, which was seen only by a few, there is every chance of it being relegated to oblivion. But in the case of ‘Njatadi’ it was not so. On September 24, after 30 years, the group of then youngsters who made that film possible got together to refresh their memories.

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Njattadi (1979) | A classic that vanished


‘Njattadi’ was the result of hard work by a group of youngsters who believed films could change society. K.N. Sreenivasan, Bharat Gopi, P.N. Vishwanathan, T.K. Kochu Narayanan, Bharat Murali etc. had taken on the mantle of producer, director, scriptwriter and actor. Many of them had to play more than one role. Kochu Narayanan was the scriptwriter and producer.

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