What is this about the name being spelt BHARAT GOPY ?

Thank you for checking. Rest assured its  not about Numerology or conforming to profound Vaastu guidelines – it is just how the film maker’s name is represented bonafide, in all matters official and legal of his personal estate, and we want to extend it to his digital legacy as well. We hope this will be a beginning in ensuring all his digital and offline representations conforming to his correct spelling, henceforth.

One can see a reasonable part of the legacy content in Malayalam, which sadly, is a foreign language to follow.

We completely understand. The challenge here was to digitise those snapshots from history captured in media, regardless of the language and have it displayed in an engaging manner, and also ensure the information could be shared without any imposed restrictions on the language expressed. We are hard at work having EVERY SINGLE INSTANCE of archival material in Malayalam translated in English and displayed alongside its original counterpart, and actively at it. Regardless, if you have a specific request for translation, do send it across and we will be right by you as soon as we can.

I have a proven capability in content translation. Can I pitch in ?

By all means ! We would love to have you extending your professional expertise if you have reasonable mastery in the domain. Do let us know and we could have it organised.

Are there any restrictions in sharing the website's textual content ?

Absolutely not. You are free to share and redistribute the textual content provided here at the website, provided you also extend appropriate credit to the source content ( when shared online, via a link-back or a mention). We believe it is good manners, eventually.

The Video Interviews are all in the Malayalam language . Help !

Not for long ! Efforts are underway to have the entire transcript translated in English and displayed in the relevant page so that  language, once again, doesnot form a limitation in understanding the multi-faceted personality of Bharat Gopy.

I would really love to get a copy each of Natakaniyogam and Abhinayam, Anubhavam.

Though both of them are still unavailable as legally published copies in the public domain, efforts are underway to bring out fresh editions while respecting the existing copyrights of its original publishers. We will keep you posted on the progress.

Any plans of directly selling his books and movies through the website ?

Not at present, as the terms & conditions that govern the sale of the media through an online presence of this nature would entail dealing with a lot of half-formed and mostly unclear governances, especially when it comes to digital media rights. It has also been the key reason for us to have you directed to existing legal online marketplaces which sell relevant media of creations associated with Bharat Gopy, which is clearly accessible through all his Filmography pages, as and where available.