Jagathy Sreekumar

Jagathy-Sree-Kumar-profileAnother legend in his lifetime, Jagathy Sreekumar needs no introduction for any lover of Malayalam movies. Prolific in his output, his mere presence has carried mediocre fare from obscurity to commercial success on Malayalam screen. From his debut in Chattambi Kalayani in 1975, with close to 1000 films as an actor and two movies as a director, Jagathy Sreekumar is mostly synonymous with pure, unbridled humor in Malayalam cinema. Jagathy’s first movie with Bharat Gopy was the seminal Yavanika in 1982. Movies like Oru Swakaryam, Panchavadipalam, Kaanathaya Penkutty and even his last movie Dey Ingottu Nokkiye are great examples of the chemistry that they brought onscreen, as talent matched talent in eliciting the best performances.


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