AR Rajeev remembers Bharat Gopy


“Brutal honesty was his hallmark when it came to bringing characters alive onscreen,” AR Rajeev writes. He had this sublime gift of exactly guaging and entering a character’s mindscape as envisioned by the playwright or the scenarist.

Usually, there is a certain degree of “transmission loss” that occurs in the process, but with Bharat Gopy, it was exact. It was also what demarcated him from the “average” performers onscreen.

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  1. Gopalan says:

    what a great actor !! I have watched most of his films and am running out.

    Why did the Kerala film industry let him down when he had a stroke ? It is really a shame. All of Kerala should have rushed to his side in his moment of despair. Having made a comeback after a stroke, shows he is greater than all the characters he portrayed.

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