Birth of a New Actor


“Now I have learned to take things lightly. I bask in the lightness of being. My old self would have been angry if this tea-pot would have remained here for an hour even after guests have left.

My greatest misery is that I don’t know how to behave well. Mind you, behavior is different from character. Animus is alien to my character. But people misunderstand me for my directness,” he muses.

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Acting is not mechanical efficiency.

Acting is not mechanical efficiency.

You can get involved in the character, never identify with it.If I have to think of myself as a rowdy to do the role of a rowdy, I will not do justice to the script. Acting is a conscious process.I am cent per cent Gopy before the camera. The moment I forget this, I lose control. A good actor must have a sense of proportion. He should not give more or less that what the role demands. And he must be able to switch on and off. You cannot do this if you are one with the character.

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Subtle and Spontaneous

Bharat-Gopy -Revathikkoru-Paavakkutty-1986

Several actors emerging from the stage tend to be theatrical, but very seldom has Gopy been so.He did add a tinge of theatricality to while emoting the role of Justice Balagangadhara Menon in the Bharatn-directed “Sandhya Mayangum Neram”.

It was deliberately done since the character was of derailed mind due to an intense sense of sin.

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