Revisiting Thampu


Thampu does not have a storyline as such; instead, it attracts the viewer with a succession of true-to-life images strung together by Aravindan’s unique poetics and his cinematographer Shaji Karun’s extraordinary visual flair. The film abounds in passages, long and short, that stick to the mind tenaciously.

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Chidambaram – Tantalising Layers of Meaning

Muniyandi and Sivakami / Courtesy : Konangal Film Society

Following a premonition, Muniyandi returns abruptly and quietly. And as he knocks on the door, he sees a shadow sneaking out of the back door. Maybe Muniyandi has recognised the shadow, maybe he has not, but it does not matter really.

The crucial event is the clandestine visit- after that Muniyandi has no desire to continue living. The next morning, Sankaran is in a nightmarish half-sleep, with strange noises floating around him.

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