Swaham (1994)

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Swaham (1994)

One’s Own.” – (Lit. Translation)

Directed by Shaji N Karun, the movie went on to garner international and national acclaim, starting with the Special Jury Award for the director.
Sarath Haridas
Bharat Gopy
Venmoney Haridas
Alex Kadavil
Kottara Gopalakrishnan Nair
NK Gopalakrishnan
Venmoney Vishnu
Director Shaji N Karun
Producer S Jayachandran Nair
Banner Film Folks
Screenplay Shaji N Karun, S Jayachandran Nair, Raghunath Palery
Dialogue Shaji N Karun, S Jayachandran Nair, Raghunath Palery
Background Music K Raghavan, Isaac Thomas Kottukapally
Cinematography Hari Nair
Editing P Raman Nair
Art Direction CP Padmakumar
Design Gayathri
Distribution Manorajyam Release

Ramayyar’s family runs a small coffee shop in an isolated village. It is an idyllic life until one day, tragedy strikes and Ramayyar, the affectionate husband, dies in an accident. What follows is the plight of the widowed mother Annapoorna and her two children, who struggle as the coffee-shop no longer returns enough income to feed the family.

After her husband’s death, Annapoorna’s life turns dismal, but sometimes the colour of her life returns as times of happiness, through her memories. Her son must find work, but one needs money “to buy” a promise of employment. Her daughter is still young, blissfully unaware and cocooned in the untroubled life that only the very young can enjoy. They are likely to be expelled from their house by their owner, who needs money to marry his daughter off! Annapoorna struggles to tide over the slippery slopes of life, and resist the anaesthesia of the happy memories.

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