Maraviyude Manam (2005)

  • Anantu's empathy and generous heart are his best allies.
  • Usha is the dutiful daughter-in-law every mother-in-law wished she had.

Maraviyude Manam (2005) : Released for Television

A Whiff of Amnesia” – (Lit. Translation)

Maraviyude Manam was the first mainstream feature in Malayalam that was based around Alzheimer’s disease and its sociological implications, especially in terms of the individual and his/her immediate loved ones. This was the last movie directed by Bharat Gopy under the Minu Gopy Movie Arts Banner, based on a story and screenplay by Krishna Kumar. The film had a television release through Amrita TV.

Nedumudi Venu
KPAC Lalitha
NL Balakrishnan
Sudheer Karamana ( Debut)
Meera Krishnan
Sreedevi Teacher
James Mukalel, Mallika
MS Manu, Sreelatha Menon
Vattiyoorkavu Hari, Jija Surendran
Pradeep, Ambootty
Chandrachudan, Biju
 Production Minu Gopy Movie Arts
Direction Bharat Gopy
Story Krishna Kumar
 Screenplay Krishna Kumar
Dialogues Krishna Kumar
Music Kavalam Narayan panicker
Poem S Rameshan Nair
Rendering Anil Sopanam
Cinematography Kannan
Sound Rajiv Attukal
Editor Prakash Vallikunnam
Art Director Nemom Pushparaj
Effects Raj Marthandam

Savitri Amma, a high school teacher lives with her son Anantu and his wife Usha, content and happy. Just having retired from active teaching, she is looking forward to the arrival of her first grandchild, and life couldn’t be better. Usha loses her baby due to a medical condition, which hadn’t been diagnosed earlier throwing the family into shock. She is traumatised and takes a while to recover from her loss.

Savitri Amma, meanwhile, slowly starts experiencing bouts of forgetfulness, often mistaking her inability to recall as shortcomings on part of her immediate family. She slowly progresses into a mixed state of anger, helplessness and amnesia, and as things go out of hand, Anantu seeks medical help. Savitri Amma’s diagnosis shows the onset of Alzheimer’s condition, and the rest of the film explores how the family copes with this medical condition of their loved one, stressing on care more than medicine, to be the most crucial part of addressing and treating Alzheimer’s disease.

Chirakatta Meghathe

Singer : Anil Sopanam | Lyrics : S Rameshan Nair | Music : Kavalam Narayan Panicker.

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