Karimbinpoovinakkare (1985)

  • Bharat-Gopy-Karimbinpoovinakkare
  • Urvasi-Karimbinpoovinakkare
  • Mohanlal-in-Karimbinpoovinakkare
  • Mammootty-Karimbinpoovinakkare

Karimbinpoovinakkare (1985)

Beyond the Sugarcane Blossoms” – (Lit. Translation)

Karimbinpoovinakkare was Bharat Gopy’s only movie in the hugely succesful P Padmarajan – I V Sasi collaboration in Malayalam cinema. This would also be his second and last movie with IV Sasi – his first being Aksharangal in 1984.

Bharat Gopy
Kaviyoor Ponnamma
Capt Raju
Lalu Alex
Johnny Kundara
“Maniyan Pillai” Raju
Director IV Sasi
Producer Raju Mathew
Banner Casino Films
Screenplay P Padmarajan
Dialogue P Padmarajan
Lyrics Bichu Thirumala
Music Shyam
Singers P Jayachandran,Brahmanandan,Krishnachandran,KS Chithra
Editing K Narayanan
Art Director IV Sathish Babu
Publicity PN Menon
Cinematography N A Thara
Chellan is an elder in the sugarcane plantations community, a quasi-authoritative figure who evokes equal amounts of fear and respect. A compulsive flirt, he considers young Sivan as dear friend and family. Chellan’s younger brother Bhadran is a hot-headed firebrand, who worships the land Chellan treads on. Chellan’s sister is in love with Sivan, and Chellan dotes on Sivan’s sister as his own. In the closely knit agrarian community where affiliations and allegiances are public knowledge, it comes as a shock when Chandri, Sivan’s sister gets pregnant and she names Chellan as the father of the love-child. Blind with rage at this loss of face in the community, Sivan hacks Chellan to death and surrenders to the law, never for a moment suspecting his dear sister would have possibly lied to him, fearing his wrath. Bhadran, devastated and swearing vengeance on a scale the village has never seen, promises to make Chandri’s life hell, and the ways he goes about it forms the crucial narrative of the sordid and gripping drama.

A Movie Clipping from Karimbinpoovinakkare (1985)

Airaani Poove

Singer : Brahmanandan  |   Lyrics : Bichu Thirumala   |   Music : Shyam

Karimbin Poovinakkare

Singer : P JayachandranChorusKrishnachandran   |   Lyrics : Bichu Thirumala   |   Music : Shyam


Singer : KS ChithraP Jayachandran   |   Lyrics : Bichu Thirumala   |   Music : Shyam


Singer : P JayachandranChorus   |   Lyrics : Bichu Thirumala   |   Music : Shyam

Bharath Gopy as Chellan in Karimbinpoovinakkare (1985) : An Overview.

Feared in his youth, feared and respected in his later years – that is Chellan to the community of sugarcane farmers and fishermen in the riverside hamlet. He literally celebrates each day of his life in the company of his dear friends, and the deep respect borne out of fear and his strong sense of fairness make him the de-facto “elder” of the community, including the local law men. To slip into a character conceived by Padmarajan is effortless for Bharat Gopy – if you have watched Pervuvazhiyambalam or Novemberinte Nashtam, you wouldn’t be surprised.

It’s a pity we never got more from the Bharat-Gopy-Padmarajan-IV Sasi stable. The possibilities! Oh, the possibilities.

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