Chekkeranoru Chilla (1986)

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Chekkeranoru Chilla (1986)

A Bough to Roost” – (Lit. Translation)

The official remake of the Hindi film Saaheb (1985) directed by Anil Ganguly, which in itself was the remake of the Bengali original of the same title directed by Bijoy Bose, this was actor Shankar’s home production and he also chose to play the lead role. Directed by Sibi Malayil, this was one of a handful of films in which Priyadarshan took care of the Screenplay for other mainstream directors.
Lizzy Priyadarshan
Jagathy Sreekumar
Bharat Gopy
Nedumudi Venu
Ravi Menon
Valsala Menon
MG Soman
Director Sibi Malayil
Producer Shankar
Banner Saj Productions
Screenplay Priyadarshan
Dialogue Priyadarshan
Lyrics Chunakkara Ramankutty
Music Shyam
Singers Vani Jairam, Unni Menon
Cinematography S Kumar
Editing L Bhoominathan
Art Direction K Krishnankutty
Unni is an upcoming football goalkeeper who is hopeful of being picked up for the State team. The youngest in the family, he is also considered “worthless” as he is unlike the well-heeled sons and sons-in-law of the house. Determined to make it big, atleast to the national level, he is shattered when he comes to know that his sister’s wedding doesn’t go off as planned due to financial constraints and he plans a way out that might put his entire dream in jeopardy.

A Movie Clipping from Chekkeranoru Chilla (1986)

Jeevitham Shaashwatha

Singer : Unni Menon   |   Lyrics : Chunakkara Ramankutty   |   Music : Shyam


Singer : Vani JairamUnni Menon   |   Lyrics : Chunakkara Ramankutty   |   Music : Shyam


Snehappookkal Vaarichoodi

Singer : Unni Menon   |   Lyrics : Chunakkara Ramankutty   |   Music : Shyam

Bharat Gopy in Chekkeranoru Chilla (1986): An Overview

Bharat Gopy plays the brief role of the specialist doctor who treats Unni and is a part of his Organ Donor dilemma.

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