Punnaaram Cholli Cholli (1985)

  • Krishnankutty Nair will go to any lengths to get his most unreasonable intentions realised.
  • Sivaraman, the chief acolyte and rabble-rouser of the village.
  • The scheming, shrewd, cowardly, wanton overseer of the ancestral estate.

Punnaaram Cholli Cholli (1985)

Murmurings of Endearment” – (Lit. Translation)

Punnaram Cholli Cholli was Bharat Gopy’s only movie with Priyadarshan. A breezy entertainer with all the Priyadarshan-esque ingredients, it also revealed Bharat Gopy’s legendary ability to slip into any character effortlessly in the exactness that the director desires. Nothing more, nothing less. This was also one of Bharat Gopy’s biggest box-office successes.
Zarina Wahab
Bharat Gopy
Nedumudi Venu
Lizzy Priyadarshan
CI Paul
Kannur Sreelatha
Director Priyadarshan
Banner Swayamvara Productions
Screenplay Sreenivasan
Dialogue Sreenivasan
Lyrics ONV Kurup
Music Berny Ignatius, Jerry Amaldev
Singers KJ Yesudas, KS Chithra, MG Sreekumar
Background Music Johnson
Cinematography S Kumar
Editing N Gopalakrishnan
Art Direction K Krishnankutty
Design Sax
Distribution Dinny Films Release

Krishnankutty Nair and his chief acolyte Sivaraman live off the agricultural assets of the vast ancestoral estate of a hugely successful lawyer who stays in his city mansion. Biju, his only son, is back at his ancestral home for his holidays. The duo sees him as a threat to their skimmimg-off operations and come to know of his close relationship with Peethambaran’s niece Vinodini, who has just joined the local bank and stays with her uncle. Peethambaran is also one of Krishnankutty Nair’s proclaimed enemies.

Sensing a huge opportunity in this close friendship between Biju and the much elder Vinodini, Krishnankutty Nair and Sivaraman egg Biju on, convincing him its pure love that she has for him and he should respond in that manner. Matters take a tragic turn as Vinodini gets married and Krishnankutty Nair impresses upon Biju the need to take revenge for his unrequitted love.

A video Clipping from Punnaaram Cholli Cholli (1985)

Arayarayarayo kinginiyo

Singer : KS ChithraChorus   |   Lyrics : ONV Kurup   |   Music : Jerry Amaldev

Athappoovum nulli

Singer : KJ YesudasKS Chithra   |   Lyrics : ONV Kurup   |   Music : Jerry Amaldev

Neerkili Neenthi

Singer : KS Chithra   |   Lyrics : ONV Kurup   |   Music : Jerry Amaldev


Singer : KS Chithra   |   Lyrics : ONV Kurup   |   Music : Berny Ignatius

Vaa kuruvi ina ppoomkuruvi

Singer : KS ChithraMG Sreekumar   |   Lyrics : ONV Kurup   |   Music : Jerry Amaldev

Courtesy : Malayalam Biscoot

Bharat Gopy as Krishnankutty Nair : An Overview

It is strange that Krishnankutty Nair of Punnaram Cholli Cholli has hardly been mentioned in the “obvious” choices of his greatest screen portrayals when it should be right amongst the finest. As the scheming, shrewd, cowardly, wanton overseer of the ancestral estate, he has the right acolyte and sycophant in Sivaraman, but that does not dilute an iota of his venomous constitution. Krishnankutty Nair will go to any lengths to get his most unreasonable intentions realised, even if it serves a purpose at the end or otherwise.

Priyadarshan should also be duly credited for giving Bharat Gopy one of the memorable roles in his Malayalam movie career. Period.

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