Ice Cream (1986)

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Ice Cream (1986)

Antony Eastman’s breezy entertainer was also Bharat Gopy’s first movie under his directorial venture. Not many are aware that one of the best roles in his career, author Sri Prasad of Rachana was fleshed out of a story by Antony Eastman. 1986 was also the year Bharat Gopy played father to Lizzy Priyadarshan in Revathykkoru Pavakkutty and romanced her in Ice Cream. It was during the shooting of this film that Bharat Gopy was struck by a paralytic stroke that left him physically incapacitated, effectively ending the onscreen career of the Bharat Gopy that we all knew and had come to love till then, forever.

Lizzy Priyadarshan
Bharat Gopy
TP Madhavan, Ashokan, Surekha, Karamana Janardhanan Nair, Kundara Johnny
Mala Aravindan, KPAC Lalitha,Paravoor Bharathan, Kunchan
Director Antony Eastman
Producer Hameed
Banner Simna Movies
Screenplay John Paul
Dialogue John Paul
Lyrics Poovachal Khader
Music Johnson
Singers KS Chithra, Sharreth, Cochin Ibrahim, Lathika
Cinematography Vipin Mohan
Editing G Murali
Design Kitho
Distribution Simna Movies

Rekha and Maya escape from the city mental asylum and waylay Omanakuttan Nair and Panicker, both of them past their prime and on a trip together to get some “action,” away from the nagging domestic cages they have been slammed into for life. Both are overjoyed, but the girls prove to be perennial teases and the “boys” are at their wits’ end to turn this outing to their advantage. Meanwhile, Rekha’s sister is combing the town with the help of the local police chief to track her down.

The real adventure starts as realisation dawns on the “boys” and the law closes in.

A Movie Clipping from Ice Cream (1986)

Nedaanaay puthiyoru lokam

Singer : KS ChithraLathika   |   Lyrics : Poovachal Khader   |   Music : Johnson


Singer : SharrethCochin Ibrahim   |   Lyrics : Poovachal Khader   |   Music : Johnson

Thaarunyam kinaavu neyyunnu

SSinger : KS ChithraLathika   |   Lyrics : Poovachal Khader   |   Music : Johnson

Bharat Gopy as Panicker : An Overview.

Bharat-Gopy-IcecreamIce-cream had all the promise of a breezy entertainer that could very well be a popular one in its genre.

It had the familiar craftsmen who had given many of Bharat Gopy’s popular box-office successes, behind the camera – John Paul and Antony Eastman being the prominent ones among them.

Bharat Gopy was on familiar turf onscreen too as Panicker, the growing-soft-in-the-middle, pushing grey business man with his best friend, looking for some adventure that just seems to have fallen into their lap on an uneventful business trip.

Having Thilakan as his fellow journey-man does not make any difference to the ill-conceived screenplay that seems to move in fits and starts and as it picks up stream to one’s relief, goes back on its fours, crawling onwards excruciatingly.

The onscreen chemistry of the veteran actors Thilakan and Bharat Gopy attempts to salvage the narrative and tries to instill some sense into the proceedings, but it just doesn’t work.

Footnote : It was during the shooting of Ice cream that Bharat Gopy was felled by a debilitating stroke, that also left him physically incapacitated, on February 20, 1986.

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