Eettillam (1983)

  • Moideen Bawa is part magical realism and part fatalist masochism.

Eettillam (1983)

Sanctuary” – (Lit. Translation)

1983 had three releases from Fazil, two of which featured Bharat Gopy in leading roles – Eettillam and Ente Mamattykutty Ammakku. Eettillam had a simple story line infused with poetic imagery, and its mendicant singer was a far cry from the heart-wrenching portrayal of the father surrounded by overwhelming losses of separation in Ente Mamattykutty Ammakku.

Menaka Suresh Kumar
Bharat Gopy
Nedumudi Venu
KPAC Azeez
DEBUT PERFORMANCES: Khaiz, Udayanan, “Flower” Anil, Babu Sabu, George, Venu John and Master Sunil
Director Fazil
Producer Abdul Salam, G Kaladharan Nair, HM Muhammad Illyas
Banner Friends Arts
Screenplay Fazil
Dialogue Fazil
Lyrics Kavalam Narayana Panicker
Music AT Ummer
Singers KJ Yesudas, Jency
Cinematography K Ramachandrababu
Editing TR Sekhar
Art Direction S Konnannattu
Kavungaad is a sleepy hamlet, bordering a river and in the shadow of the hills that hold dread for the villagers. Perched on the edge of poverty and mostly hand-to-mouth livelihoods, live Abida and her aged grandfather Moideen Bawa, the mendicant singer and their neighbor Kousalya who is also Abida’s best friend. Abida lives with this dream of her handsome groom who would come down the hill range one day and redeem her from poverty. And soon a stranger arrives, amongst the ruins of the mosque by the village river bank and Abida is deliriously happy that her dream is about to come true.

The stranger, though, is not what he seems to be and comes with a personal agenda. And his secrets are also inextricably woven with Abida and Moideen Bawa.

Duniyaavoru Kaliyarangu (Ihathinum Parathinum)

Singer : KJ Yesudas   |   Lyrics : Kavalam Narayana Panicker   |   Music : AT Ummer


Singer : KJ Yesudas   |   Lyrics : Kavalam Narayana Panicker   |   Music : AT Ummer

Raraatti raaratti

Singer : ChorusJency   |   Lyrics : Kavalam Narayana Panicker   |   Music : AT Ummer

Yaathra mozhi chollan vaakkilla

Singer : KJ Yesudas   |   Lyrics : Kavalam Narayana Panicker   |   Music : AT Ummer

Bharat Gopy as Moideen Bawa, the Mendicant Singer : An Overview

Moideen Bawa is part magical realism and part fatalist masochism. A portrayal that could have gone over board with the kind of emotional mapping the character disperses across the movie, Bharat Gopy ensured it was reined-in, and brilliant. The hapless and helpless grandfather who cannot bear to see his granddaughter sad, seeks the comfort of his wanderings and the subsistence it gives to calm his soul. This granddaughter is also interestingly, the testimony of his shattered life

The calm demeanor cracks wide open as he witnesses history repeating itself, with his granddaughter and the stranger at the ruins and his plea to the latter is arguably the most poignant and beautiful moment of the movie.

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