Aduthaduthu (1984)

  • Bharat-Gopy-in-Aduthaduthu

Aduthaduthu (1984)

Adjoined” – (Lit. Translation)

Aduthaduthu was Bharat Gopy’s second movie with Sathyan Anthikkad, after Appunni. Sathyan Anthikkad had four releases for the year and two of them had Bharat Gopy, both in significant roles. Bharat Gopy’s Reverend Father Augustine Kuriyapally was a riot onscreen. This seems to be his only role as a Reverend in his career, save for the brief appearance as the Cardinal in KG George’s Irakal.
Karamana Janardhanan Nair
KPAC Lalitha
Mala Aravindan
Bharat Gopy
Kuthiravattam Pappu
Lizzy Priyadarshan
Director Sathyan Anthikkad
Banner Revathi Productions
Screenplay John Paul
Dialogue John Paul
Lyrics Sathyan Anthikkad
Music Raveendran
Singers KJ Yesudas, KS Chithra, Kamukara, Lathika
Cinematography Anandakkuttan
Editing G Venkittaraman
Art Direction K Krishnankutty
Ayyappan and Thankappan are dear friends and business partners, who have risen up from their lowly upbringings to head a flourishing import-export business. Uneducated and simple at heart, both are thicker than brothers to the point they live in adjoining houses in the same compound. Ayyappan’s son is in love with Thankappan’s daughter and are slated to get married once they finish college. Misunderstandings soon crop up between both of them over a simple factor, fanning jealousy, rage and hate and soon both become bitter rivals, to the point of deciding to even carve up their business empire. The Reverend Father Augustine Kuriyapally who comes to town to take charge of his new parish also dotes on Ayyappan’s son as one of his favorites. Briefed of the calamity brewing in the household by Ayyappan’s son, the Reverend thinks up a plan to set things right.

A Clipping from Aduthaduthu (1984)

Aalolam chaanchaadum

Singer : KS Chithra   |   Lyrics : Sathyan Anthikkad   |   Music : Raveendran

Chirithookum thumbi

Singer : KJ YesudasKamukara   |   Lyrics : Sathyan Anthikkad   |   Music : Raveendran


Singer : KJ YesudasKS Chithra   |   Lyrics : Sathyan Anthikkad   |   Music : Raveendran


Singer : KamukaraLathika   |   Lyrics : Sathyan Anthikkad   |   Music : Raveendran

Mandamandamen ( Poem )

Singer : KJ Yesudas   |   Lyrics : Mahakavi G Sankara Kurup   |   Music : Raveendran


Bharat Gopy as Rev. Augustine Kuriyapally (1984) : An Overview

Though he makes only a brief appearance, the Reverend Father ultimately becomes the pivot in the story of the best-friends-turned-bitter-foes saga and it takes his active intervention to revert both to their previous “adjoined” status. John Paul recalls in his memoirs about conceptualising this key character of the Reverend with a few quirks of his own, that equally endear and alienate him to everyone he meets. A straight talker, with a clinically precise yet effusive approach to everyone he meets, he also berates those who do not believe in fair principles of living and loving. John Paul also adds that Bharat Gopy made time for this project amongst his packed calendar, and left with a smile and a wave after the last shot of him was canned, never charging a single paisa.

To Bharath Gopy, good cinema mattered. The rest were all incidental.

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