A cartoonist scripts an endearing celluloid classic.

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KG George had made a daring creative gamble as he got about adapting “Paalam apakadathil” into a full blown screenplay for a feature. He asked one of the finest cartoonist of our times, Yesudasan to write the dialogues of the screenplay that he himself wrote, based on the black comedy.

Cartoonist Yesudasan at the sets of Panchavadi palam (1984)

 Cartoonist Yesudasan at the sets of Panchavadi palam (1984).

Pix Credit : Yesudasan.info

By KG George’s own admission, Panchavadipalam was the costliest production he had ever handled, with the construction of the iconic bridge coming to over Rs 15 lakhs at that time. “Gandhimathi” Balan, the producer of the film, never bat an eyelid as he gave the go ahead to construct a fairly functional bridge that was to be blown up later, created for the movie by Rajeev Anchal.

Cartoonist Yesudasan, scriptwriter of Panchavadi palam (1984) with the crew

 Cartoonist Yesudasan, with NL Balakrishnan and Rajiv Anchal.

The film had a brilliant ensemble cast whose onscreen chemistry created another celluloid classic in Malayalam cinema, all centered around the inimitable Dusshasana Kurup, a human being who walked around with a pristine, perfectly unused brain and the composure of a dragon fly.

In KG George’s own words, “There were people who told me that scene was not funny and that it was suffocating to watch Gopy’s performance. But what they did not factor in was Dushassana Kurup’s nature. This man is intellectually-challenged. He was told to deliver a thundering speech and he, in his stupidity, thought it meant he had to sound as ear-splitting as possible. The guy would have ceased to be Dushassana Kurup had Gopy delivered the speech even half-a-pitch lower. Gopy knows better.”

Then again, we always knew Dusshasana Kurup was in safe hands, didn’t we ?

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